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Are you tired of looking at a blank wall? Maybe its time for a new Eric Reese art piece.

Updated: May 12, 2020

Oddly enough, things don’t look much different at the Eric Reese fine art photography studio during this pandemic. April and May are typically a creative and learning time for us here in Montana without leaving the studio. I have been working on RAW files that I have gathered over the past year and researching new equipment and travels (hopefully, once things open). So, I am sharing something new today. Drum roll, please…...

“Somers Barn Sunset”

I took this photograph with a telephoto lens that helped compress the distance between the mountains and the barn to make them look closer together. This photograph showcases the vast beauty of the Flathead Valley and its most prominent mountain range. I also like how the mountains are still fully covered with snow. The combination of sharp optics and a high megapixel camera showcases the detail in the barn, and the Columbia mountain range. I think it looks incredible! I am offering this image in sizes ranging from 12”x 24” up to 24”x 48” with two sizes in between. This is a new release, so the first editions are now available.


In honor of our mother’s, I thought I would do a promotion. Yay!

From now through May 10th, use the promo code “MAY10” at checkout for 10% off your web order.

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