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The Best Local Artist Showing Big New & Exciting Art

First off, thank you for voting me Whitefish's Best Local Artist!

This is truly an honor, and you have done more than just cast an electronic vote for me, but also by voting with your wallet over the years! That continued support has motivated me to improve my craft and strive to create better artwork constantly!


Some of the best scenic photography in Montana can be found in Glacier Park. The Park is home to more than 700 miles of trails and some of the most beautiful scenery in the state.

There are many spots to take pictures, but St Mary Lake is one of the most popular. The lake offers impressive views from its banks or from a boat tour.

The best local artists are often those who have spent their life capturing these breathtaking views and presenting them for all to see. For the past 25 yrs, I have been that Photographer.

Wild Goose Island is a beautiful place to see the sunrise and enjoy the alpenglow. Some people call Wild Goose Island "the most perfect place on earth." This may be due to its natural beauty or because it provides a sense of peace and solitude that many people crave but don't always find in today's world. Because of that, this year, I am unavailing my latest version of the island as a seven-foot wide triptych at sunrise.

This new artwork came in today in preparation for this summer's shows. It is ready for delivery as a 7' frameless triptych with our famous metallic paper and non-glare finish for $3200

I am not currently offering this size on the website, but you can contact me for more information if you would like one for your home.

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