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Eric Reese



I am a fine art photographer specializing in photographing Glacier National Park and the surrounding area for over 20 years. Having an eye that has always been drawn to landscapes, color, and warmth, I have achieved this in my photography by chasing not just the light but what the light is illuminating. The majority of my work has been taken during these sunrise and sunset times of the day.

I currently reside in Whitefish, MT, with my wife, Meadow.

For the framed artwork, we use a unique combination of printing on pearl metallic paper and finishing with a heat-pressed laminate to protect the image. The finished product is water-resistant and UV protected without the glare or reflection that glass can cause. Each finished piece is a limited edition collector print and comes with my signature and print number on the photo. My wife and I handle the artwork's production from start to finish.

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We have purchased two of Eric’s pictures and are so happy with both of them. The colors are spectacular. They look even better on our walls than on the website. The pictures are framed really well too. Eric is great to work with as well. We had our pictures, both times, within a week. I would give Eric and his pictures a 10+ rating if I could. - Lisa V


We were introduced to Eric Reese's work at the Whitefish Art Festival. Incredible talent. Eric was able to work with us and send images of how our selections would look on our wall. The framed photos were shipped to us well protected and arrived undamaged. They are a wonderful added touch to our home. I would not hesitate purchasing from Eric again. Thank you Eric for all you did. - Julie M


Beautiful photo, nicely framed and purchase was easy and efficient! - Denise K


Thank you for your personal service. I so appreciate how you capture the beauty and the colors in your work. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Quality of pictures were out of this world! Conversation was very enlightening. We enjoyed the visit. Thanks. -  Bob & Jennifer


You were so nice to let us trade the smaller size in for the larger three panel one of the Mission Mountains. It looks MUCH better in the larger size, and I was able to hang it my myself. It's beautiful, thank you Eric. - Marilyn H


Your interest in engaging the visitors and sharing what goes into your work personalizes the experience and adds to the pride of ownership. - Karen K


Part of the reason for our purchase was the story behind your acquiring these shots and the pride you have in your work. Thanks for sharing it with us! - Roger M


Beautiful picture, right when I saw it I knew I had to have it in my bathroom. - Maureen C


Wonderful prints, friendly service. THANK YOU! - Fred M


Such nice people. Very approachable. Your photography is sooo beautiful! I wish I could buy it all. Thank you for the opportunity to buy your art. You've got it all right. - H Estes

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