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Photographing the big barn under the stars

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Recently a fellow photographer #jbcreative and I were able to spend the evening outshooting the night sky. Sony had recently sent me their new 20mm FE 1.8 G lens and this seemed like a good time to give it a go. This is not a review of the lens, however, I can say that I plan to add it to my arsenal.

I have a barn in the south end of the valley that I have photographed several times and thought it could be a great subject for our night scene. while setting up #jbcreativeco thought it would be fun to use his phone flashlight as a fill-in light for a night shot of me. Now keep in mind, it is pitch dark out and we can bearly see each other for framing. I thought he did a great job!

As followers and collectors of my art, you get the first review of my favorite new photography. I do this so if you wish to pick up the #1 of one of the sizes it comes in, you will have first dibs. This piece will be offered as a 12 x 16", 15 x 20", 18 x 24" and 24 x 32".

I present to you " Somers Barn Milkyway"

Some of the things I like about this image is the fact that a sliver of a moon was still lighting the barn to add some light and warmth to the scene. Also, the color in the grass along with the image noise and bokeh really creates a nice creaminess to the foreground. In fact, I like it so much, it has given me some new art ideas, we will talk about on a later post. Then you have the milky way coming out the top of the barn and how the scene blends into a rich blue night hue.

I think this image does a great job of adding serenity to a quiet scene where you can relax and enjoy a good book under the stars.

I will be showing this new piece at the "Whitefish Arts Festival" on July 3rd, 4th, and 5th at the Depot Park.

Check it out!

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